Operation Summer Savings 2

Memorial Day has come and gone, which means summertime is fast approaching! There are so many great things about summer. Vacations! Fresh veggies! Free outdoor activities! Barbecues! Swimming! Sun-dresses! Ice cream!

The cons of summer, however, include:
-higher gas prices
-an intense heat that drains and leaves you inactive
-a carefree spirit that can ruin even the most diligent budgeter
-lots of bugs

In order to tackle these cons (minus the bugs), here’s a list of challenges I am setting for myself until Labor Day.

  • Cycle Everywhere.
    I bought a road bike last year for $50 and only rode it a few times before it got too chilly. This year, I vow to bike to the grocery store, downtown for errands, and anywhere else that is within five miles. For places that require a car, I will try to do it right after work when I am already driving.
  • Carpool Weekly.
    I have a coworker who lives nearby. With my 22-mile round-trip commute, there’s no excuse why we don’t carpool more often. I vow to carpool an average of once a week.
  • Limit Lunch Break Trips.
    I rarely eat out for lunch, but I usually drive somewhere so I have an excuse to get out of the office for thirty minutes. My office is pretty close to walking trails, so this summer I vow to continue to bring my lunch, but limit the amount of times I leave the office to no more than two times per week. Other days, I will eat outside to save money on gas, stretch my legs, and get a little [farmer’s] tan.
  • Spend $200 on clothes until Labor Day.
    Oh snap! A new shopping goal! I think any reader can tell that this is my weak point. So. Until September 7th, I vow not to spend more than $200 in my clothes/accessories/shoes department. (This may have to exclude a new pair of running shoes, which will be necessary for my Half Marathon training.)
  • Sell $200 Worth of Stuff.
    I’d love to cover the cost of any clothes by selling $200 worth of junk treasures. I’m not sure how I am going to do this, but I’d love to make some moolah off stuff I rarely use or don’t need.
  • Run 210 Miles.
    I created my Half Marathon training schedule and according to my 15-week schedule up to Labor Day, I have to run approximately 210 miles. Daaannng. I vow to find some good playlists and podcasts and motivating running partners.
  • Increase Net Worth by $3,500.
    This is totally doable. I vow to live within my means, continue to pay debt and save, and not be as careless with my budget as I have in May.

For a more relaxed list of things I want to accomplish this summer, check out my Warm Weather Goals. They’re not quite as intense as these.

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