February Goals

February has always been a transitional month from the dreadful January to March, a month filled with family birthdays and glimpses of Springtime. This February is going to be very tight financially, but I am okay with that because it is a short month.


1. See J sometime
It’s over a month since we saw each other, so I’d like to plan a trip down or have him visit me. It’s time; I miss him.

2. Pay a TON of money towards my debt!
I have a number in mind, but won’t disclose that until later this week. ;) Part of this goal is to pay it, the other part is to…

3. Stay within budget
Eek! I wonder if I can do it!

4. Go to the gym at 12 times minimum.
(…and hopefully lose at least 3 pounds…)

5. File taxes
Also figure out refund amount and where that money will go.

6. Update blogroll
I have so many new blogs added to my Reader and I really need to share with you all.

7. Cook something delicious
…& blog about it with pictures.

8. Read at least one book!