I buy things when I am ________.

Do you ever find yourself buying things when you are in a specific mood or in a specific circumstance? For me, I buy things when I am on trips. I tend to act like my budget doesn’t apply outside of my normal routine. This past weekend I filled up on gas and wasn’t able to buy the gas at the pump, so I went inside the station to pay. I saw a tempting pack of York peppermint patties and decided those were a must-have. That pack cost me $4.58 on top of the $30 gas I was already paying. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

What about you? Do you buy things at certain times or with a specific mood?

Fill in the blank: “I buy things when I am _______.”

  • Freckles

    …. when I am feeling sorry for myself.

  • …bored!

  • Going on vacation. Srsly, that is the only time I buy out of the ordinary things.

  • I too let all rule out of the window when I travel!

  • Happy. I buy things when I’m happy. Isn’t that weird? I guess when I’m happy I want to fill my life with beautiful things.. and most of the times it cost money to buy beautiful things (I mean, love and friendship is beautiful and free, but you can’t really decorate an apartment with it, can you?).

  • Well-Helled totally took my comment! LOL. But I buy things when i’m happy. If I’m happy in a mall…WATCH OUT!

  • Tiffany

    feeling accomplished…like a deserve a new “thing” for working so hard! usually I remember that if i don’t buy so MANY things i won’t have to work so hard. but it doesn’t always work!

  • I buy things when I’m buying things. Seriously, once I get started, it’s hard to stop. I tend to binge shop.

  • I absolutely agree with the comment above mine. I buy more when I’m already buying something else. When I haven’t bought clothes for a while – like, a few months, I don’t buy A shirt, I buy four shirts. And a sweater. And a belt. And a skirt or two. And some socks. Aieee.

  • when I’m stressed or depressed!

  • When I am upset, depressed, feeling misundesrtood and underestimated.
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