Hello December and Hello Weekend!

Who can believe that we are at the LAST month of the year? Craziness! So many things that have changed this year and feel like I need to use this month to reflect on the many blessings in my life.


  • Get all of my Christmas shopping done
  • Save $1,000 for my emergency fund
  • Pack all of my apartment up!
  • Have a wonderful Christmas with my family

I hope all of you have a productive, yet relaxing weekend. Those two things don’t usually go along, but I’m trying to find little ways this month to do both. :)

Have a great weekend, my lovely readers!

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  • And you have a great weekend, love the photo it,s just so Seasonal . One of the things I miss about living in Oz

  • Productivity = more things done = fewer things still do to = less stress and thus VERY relaxing. See, it makes sense! :)

  • Damn it I need to get more organized. I missed your blog in my RSS feed for some reason #$*&$*

    Goal: Get RSS reader under control

  • manodiangelo

    I have arrived in this blog in a improbable and fortuitos way, but I find that is lovely for the photos and your entusistic way of looking at the world.Have a nice weekend.