Bridal Bootcamp: Part Two, Week One

Part One’s goal of the Bridal Bootcamp was simply to show up and make an effort. It consisted of amateur  drawings and charts hanging on my wall.  For the second part of the bootcamp (the middle six weeks) I am going to bring it up a notch and make this a little more tech-savvy (aka: bye-bye paper drawings). I may bring them back for the final six weeks (part three), but since I’m moving in three weeks we’ll just do spreadsheets:


  • Counting Calories: In Part 2, I am going to start keeping track of my calories, courtesy of my new app “My Fitness” (it’s a fantastic tool to keep track of each thing I eat). In order to lose a pound a week, I need to eat 1,300 calories a day. That seems extremely low, but for my current height and weight I need to at least stay under 1,800 calories in order to maintain my weight.
  • Increase Cardio: Running is my go-to cardio exercise, but since it’s so cold out (it was 23-degrees when I got up this morning), I need to find alternative ways to get in exercise even inside. I will have a gym in three weeks (yay!) so until then maybe I’ll do a video or take long walks? But after I have access to the gym, it’s go time! I have no excuse for no cardio!
  • Weight Train: I need to get MUCH better about arm exercises and leg workouts. My goal this week is to come up with a strength-training routine to do every-other day.
  • Push-ups & Crunches: My goal is do 100 push-ups and 100 crunches at least four times a week… obviously I did not give myself that goal last week (shown above) but that’s my goal moving forward.

Any questions? How are your workouts going? Anyone have any good winter workout ideas?