• Lucy

    Ahhh I love that! Haha i love J’s comment of “i dont even know what day we are on” So cute yall!

  • becca

    love it! :) thanks for sharing!

  • meg

    You guys went to the resort we’re going on for our honeymoon in three weeks!! Glad to hear you enjoyed it, your video is so cute and makes me really excited to be there!

  • @Meg: Oh my, it was the most amazing resort! I am so jealous you get to go there soon — you are going to love it!!

  • Awwweee, thanks for sharing! The resort was beautiful! It reminds me of our honeymoon last year to Playa del Carmen, a bit south of Cancun. I loved it. I can’t wait to go back.

  • awww super cute vidoe!

  • dorothy

    So cute! J’s last line is the best, great job Ginna!

  • i can’t get the video to work !