How to Merge two Twitter Accounts

**To be clear — there is currently no way of truly merging Twitter accounts so that both follower groups show up on one account. That functionality is not available on Twitter, but this tutorial shows how you can change your Twitter followers from one account to another.**

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed some strange switching around with my account. Well, I have officially merged my two Twitter accounts — my blog one, and my personal — into one “Ginna” Twitter account. Huzzah!

This has been on my list to do for a while. I would tweet more from my @thatginnagirl than my @myprettypennies, but I had more followers at the @myprettypennies one. And I tried tweeting the same message sometimes to both accounts, but some people followed both, and that was slightly annoying to see the same tweet in a row.

So! Here are the simple steps to merge two twitter accounts. I realize this may not be timely or pertinent to you now, but if you ever find yourself in the situation I was, here’s how I did it:

1. Open two different browsers and login to both accounts.
I used Chrome and Firefox.

2. Decide which account you want as your official account.
For me, that was @myprettypennies since I already had 900+ followers. However, I wanted to keep  @thatginnagirl as my name instead of @myprettypennies. I knew my (100) twitter followers would remember it and not have any trouble finding me again.

3. Change the name on the account you want to lose to something else
For me that would be @thatginnagirl, which I changed it to @thatginnagirl2. Twitter recognizes your email and account settings as who you are, not your Twitter handle. Confused yet? Stick with me…

4. Next, go to the account you want to use and change the name to what the former name was in the account you don’t want to use.
So, I went into my @myprettypennies account and changed the Twitter name to @thatginnagirl, since it is now available. So now my @myprettypennies account had @thatginnagirl as the name. And all of my old @thatginnagirl followers were actually following @thatginnagirl2.

5. Tell your old account followers about your new account!
I wasn’t able to merge the followers from your old account to your new one. I am not sure it’s possible, unless you work at Twitter.  If anyone knows how, holler! But in order to tell your former followers about your new account, send out a tweet, something like this:

Then make sure you follow them from your other account, and they may be thoroughly confuse, but will soon catch on.

6. Secure your old twitter handle so that no one else can take it.
With an email I rarely use, I signed up for @myprettypennies so that no one else can take that handle and tweet from it.

Voila! That’s it. Now… who wants to follow me on Twitter? :)

PS- I also created an updated Facebook page… so head over and like it!