April Goals

Spring has arrived and I’m optimistic that great things are going to happen this month. How could it not when we’re celebrating our one year anniversary? :)

April Goals:

  • Have a wonderful anniversary!
  • Go see Steel Magnolias at NC Theater
  • Meet with a financial planner
  • Have an Easter egg hunt
  • Clean out guest room
  • Buy a new hair straightener
  • Co-host a fabulous shower for my dear friend Michelle!
  • Read one book
  • Lose two pounds
  • Spring clean the apartment

What are your goals this month?

Here’s a recap of my March Goals:

  • Celebrate my sisters’ and dad’s birthday!
  • Go on at least three bike rides
  • Lose three pounds // I lost two pounds, which is good enough for me! I have gained about 8 pounds since getting married and lost a total of 5 in the last few months. Just 3 more to go until I’m back at my wedding weight.
  • Read at least one book
  • Finish decorating my living room wall and blog about it
  • Do at least one craft on my DIY Pinterest Board
  • Cook three new recipes
  • Continue to stay on track for my Read the Bible in a Year program

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