When my grandmother passed away two months ago, I learned that she left each of her grandchildren $2,000 in her will. Initially I was just going to throw it in our savings and use it towards our house deposit, but then I got to thinking,

“How would Gigi want me to spend this money?”

She spent her money on quality items, special gifts and meaningful experiences. She would save her money to buy a designer purse rather than own hundreds of cheap bags. When each of the girl grandchildren turned 13 she took us shopping for a special ring to commemorate our teenage years. I chose a sapphire stone with a gold band in the shape of a leaf. It is one of my most cherished pieces of jewelry to this day. She also loved to travel and went to so many exotic places when she was younger. I think she even traveled to Australia and New Zealand in her 70s. Such a classy lady she was. :)

So after much though, I decided to use her money to for a trip. We may have to use some of our own savings, depending on where we end up going, but I love the idea of taking a trip in the next few years in her honor, just me and J. You might even call it a baby moon. ;)

Here are some of the places in the running…

1. Spain 2. Italy 3. San Francisco 4. Ireland 5. Mozambique 6. Cape Code / New England

Where would you go with this money? Have you been any of the places above? I’d love to hear your experiences!