Monthly Archives: November 2012

Not Yet Ready for December + Monthly Goals 5

I know I should be overjoyed that December is tomorrow, but I am not yet. December will be wonderfully, beautifully full… but I feel like I need to prepare more before it comes. I need to get more organized. Come up with a plan. Isn’t that how we feel approaching God […]

DIY Holiday Garland 8

This holiday season, J and I decided to keep things simple and not get a big Christmas tree. It was a hard decision, because I love a good tree to light up the living room, but we will be out of town for a week in December and our apartment […]

Happy Birthday to Our Little Boy Across the World 9

Friends, meet Jacques, our precious African boy: Jacques lives in Togo, Africa and we sponsor him through Compassion International, an organization that helps rescue children from poverty. J and I decided to sponsor a child a few months ago and looked for a child that had been waiting the longest […]

My Thanksgiving via Instagram 4

This Thanksgiving I spent four days in Greensboro with my family and it was some of the most fun we’ve had together in a long time. Here are some snippits of my weekend via Instagram. (Sorry if this is a repeat for your followers! If you want to follow me, […]

Sunday night? Sorry, we have plans. 5

J and I decided a while back — Sunday evenings are off limits. We purposefully plan to not make plans that evening. Life is busy, remember? We both work full-time jobs, have something planned Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights, Thursdays we are free, and then flip a coin and those […]

Why I Decided to See a Nutritionist 2

Digestive problems are uncomfortable to talk about. If you suffer from headaches or have a low immune system, you have full reign to complain and share all you want, because most people are fine hearing about pounding headaches or terrible sore throats. But digestive problems? The symptoms of an upset stomach […]

Happy Thanksgiving! 2

May you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am heading Home to spend the weekend eating and laughing with my family. See you back online on Monday! xo, Ginna  (photo credit)