We got a dog!

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (@thatginnagirl), you probably knew this already, but October 20th we adopted this darling little pup into our lives.

Leia is 8 months old and part golden. (But has little retriever in her… she looks at me like Why did you do that? when I throw a ball). She loves following us around, so in the mornings when J and I are getting ready for work she doesn’t know who to follow. It’s pretty adorable. She loves belly rubs, bones and running. It took her a while to trust us enough to go to the bathroom on the leash, but she finally got the hang of it (thank you, sweet girl!). She will hide behind my legs when aggressive dogs try to chase her at the dog park, but eventually gets brave enough and starts chasing them back.

She’s such a sweetheart and we’re so lucky to call her ours.

  • Just give her a few weeks. Our rescue dog, Marco, was four months when we got him and would not chase anything. It took a couple weeks, but he finally learned how to play and chase things. It’s amazing to watch his personality change as he realizes that we love him and that this is his home.

  • OH MY GOD what a cutie!

  • Mary

    Congratulations on the new pup!

  • Yes, I’ve been so charmed by her on Twitter. What a sweet natured dog. Love the bit where you said that she doesn’t know who to follow in the mornings. Cute!

  • She is adorable! I am in love <3

  • Such a beautiful dog! Congrats on adopting her!

  • Thanks Jackie! That’s very helpful. We’ve actually seen quite a change in the first two weeks we’ve had her — she’s definitely more outgoing than when we first brought her home. She’s starting to get into a rhythm and hopefully soon she’ll feel this is her permanent home. :)

  • Dorothy Clement

    I can’t wait to hug and love her this weekend!

  • I know!! She can’t wait either!

  • BB

    Such a cutie! And you brought her home on my birthday!

  • Jerry

    Your dog is beautiful. We had a black labrador when I was little so I love the breed. I hope you have pet insurance because they can be expensive! They are wonderful but having them can lead to a lot of unexpected expenses.

  • Yay!! What a beautiful puppy!!!