What I Bought: October Clothing Budget

I have about $100 each month in my clothing budget. Sometimes I spend more (like August when I got my new job and didn’t have a single pair of comfortable heels), and sometimes less (like in December when all my money goes towards others’ Christmas gifts.)

In October, I managed to stay under budget. It was kind of a boring clothing month and everything was bought via Target. (Don’t judge — there’s one really close to my job! It’s the perfect getaway from the office for a half hour.)

1. Hounds Tooth Cardigan – Target $15
A few weeks ago cardigans were on sale for $15 at Target. I know they may not be the quality of, say, J.Crew, but can you really tell that big of a difference? At $15 a piece, I can get four different colors at the price you’d pay for one at another store. I bought this cardi at the beginning of the month and the possibilities of pairing are endless! I can’t say enough about black and white sweaters. If you don’t have one, go get yourself one now.

2. Red Cardigan – Target $15
I don’t normally wear red, as I have always felt it doesn’t look the greatest with my skin tone and thought it looked like Christmas, but that was just silly because you can pair it with practically everything and who doesn’t love Christmas?

3. Flannel Shirt – Target $15
You may officially call me Ginna Appleseed! I’ve been on the hunt for a good flannel shirt and bought this one when they were on sale. It is a part of the Junior’s section, which I normally stay away from because the tops are too short, but tried it on anyways and was surprised it actually worked. It’s really warm, so consider yourself warned if you happen to be running errands on a sunny October day. (Sorry, I didn’t get a chance to take a photo in it below. Oops!)

4. Workout capris – Target $20
Why yes, I am still training for that marathon I announced oh-so-long ago. It was evidenced last month that I’ve never trained for anything in my life during winter before, because I only had shorts in my workout wardrboe before these little capris (the baggy sweatpants I wear occasionally every single night are not conducive for miles of running). But these guys have been really great! I may need to get a new pair soon since I seem to be doing lots of laundry these days.

5. Workout jacket – Target $25
I bought this duo-dry jacket for my runs and it’s been alright. It has nice big pockets and is very light, but warm. Almost too warm at times. It’s perfect for a 3 or 4 mile jaunt, but I ended up taking it off during my 14-mile run because I was working up a good sweat. I don’t think I’ll end up wearing it during the marathon, but it’s certainly great for shorter runs.

So there you have it! All the clothes I bought in October!
What have you bought lately? Do you shop at Target a lot? Or do you prefer to buy your staples somewhere else that may last longer? 

  • Love what you bought! And aww your pup is toooo cute.

  • Marina

    I’m wearing #1 right now!! I’ve totally fallen in love with Target cardigans, and you really can’t beat $15 a pop!

  • Haha I love it! Nope, you really can’t beat that price. :)

  • I know, she sneaked into that last pic!

  • I love this idea! I haven’t bought new clothes since August, seeing your wonderful outfits make me want to shop lol!

  • Marie

    I bought the same flannel shirt but in different colors (pink and blue). I am in love with it and wear it all the time! I find Target clothing can be hit or miss. Shoes are always a miss for me, while athletic clothes are consistently good.

  • I love that plaid shirt… I buy the Target C9 line all the time for workout clothes. I love it!