Friends, meet Jacques, our precious African boy:

Jacques lives in Togo, Africa and we sponsor him through Compassion International, an organization that helps rescue children from poverty.

J and I decided to sponsor a child a few months ago and looked for a child that had been waiting the longest on the website — and that’s when we found Jacques. He lives with his mom and two older siblings in a village, and she cares for the family on a small income selling textiles. Our sponsorship helps Jacques afford education and basic needs for the family, such as food and health care.

We wrote him and sent him pictures, and he sent back a message with a few things that he likes to do. Some of them include:

  • Hobbies & Sports: group games, walking, singing, dolls
  • Family Duties: running errands, carries water, gathers firewood, helps in the kitchen
  • Wants to be when he grows up: a mechanic
  • Favorite sport: football / soccer
  • Favorite food: rice

And today is his birthday! He turns 5 today, so we sent him a small gift to celebrate. I am praying he will feel very loved  and cherished.

Have you ever sponsored a child through Compassion International or another non-profit organization? If you are interested, it costs $38 a month, which provides a child with meals, education, health and hygiene training, medical check-ups, involvement in their local church, and love. J and I decided that we spend $38 and more on eating out at restaurants or quick meaningless trips to Target to pick up stuff we don’t need. It was a small portion of our budget to give up, but went such a long way in the life of Jacques. I greatly encourage you to look into it! If Compassion International isn’t the way to go, there are other sponsorship programs available.

PS – I was not compensated by Compassion International for this post, it is an organization I whole-heartedly support.