DIY Holiday Garland

This holiday season, J and I decided to keep things simple and not get a big Christmas tree. It was a hard decision, because I love a good tree to light up the living room, but we will be out of town for a week in December and our apartment is so small there really isn’t a great place for one to go anyways. So we are using my old Charlie Brown tree that I bought in college when our crammed 600-square foot four-bedroom apartment needed a little holiday cheer:

It will do for us this year. But after setting it up, it was a little depressing how just a corner had twinkle lights and the rest of our home was dark. So I decided to improvise and create a space-saving way to light up on our home with some DIY holiday garland.

It was the easiest project. To make it you’ll need fabric or ribbons, scissors, and a string of lights (12 foot strand is perfect). To assemble it, cut your ribbon or fabric to about 5 to 8 inches, depending on how long you prefer. Tie the ribbon around the string of lights, about five or six ribbons between each bulb. (Note: it helps immensely if you are watching a Christmas moving on TV while you are cutting and tying. I was watching Home Alone.:) Then hang and enjoy!

I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. I wanted a little more modern look, so I chose green, red, pink, silver, blue and gold ribbon. It was such an easy way to bring more holiday cheer to our small home, and perhaps one day when we have a fireplace it can grace the mantle. The whole project cost me $8 — $3 for the string of lights and $5 for the six spools of ribbon.

Are you getting a Christmas tree this year?
Do you decorate your home with garland?
What affordable ideas do you have for decorating your home this season?