The Blessings Behind Your To-Do List

I got a little panicky this morning when I looked at the calendar and realized it is exactly two weeks until Christmas. Yeeps! I have so much going on in the next three weeks: holiday parties, birthday parties, two Christmas celebrations, advent services to attend, three rounds of visitors staying with us, and gifts to wrap and give.

It so easy to stress over a monster to do list. But sometimes it helps to step back and actually look at the items on your list…

Bake treats for party.
Figure out church services to attend.
Get a present for mom.
Wash guest room sheets.
Figure outfit for holiday party.
Get decorations for New Years Eve party. 

Each of the items on my list has a hidden blessing behind it:

We have so many wonderful local friends. 
We attend a church we love.
Our families can’t get enough of us.
We have dear friends whom we spend hours laughing with.

We have jobs that allow us to afford gifts and decorations to make the season bright. 

What blessings are hidden behind your to do list?