Introducing the No-Commitment Blogger Book Club

One of my goals this year is to read 12 books in 12 months. And since I am trying to take more risks this year, I thought maybe I would turn this goal into a little virtual book club. I know you guys and gals love to read, so why not join me on this adventure this year?

The Deets:

What is The No-Commitment Blogger Book Club?
It’s exactly what it sounds like — a no-commitment blogger book club. It will be hosted here the first Monday of the month. If you have a blog, there will be an open link-up for you to submit your post, so it will be a great chance to gain new readers and traffic to your blog. If you don’t have a blog, no worries! You can leave your thoughts on the book in the comments section.

Why “No-Commitment?”
Because this is just for fun! And because signing up for things in January can be discouraging when come March you don’t follow through with it. So no worries if you want to read one or all of the books.

Who’s this for?
Anyone who can read! The book list does skew to a more female audience, but guys are more than welcome to get on board.

How often will we read? 
We will read one book a month.

When will we review the book? 
The first Monday of each month I will post a review on the previous month’s book. If you have a blog, feel free to write a review and link back here, and/or comment in the post.

Each review we will answer the following questions:
– What is the book about?
– Did you feel that the book fulfilled your expectations? Were you disappointed?
– Did you enjoy the book? Why? Why not?
– Would you recommend this book?
– What’s your favorite quote from the book?

What are we reading?
Ahhh, the real important question. We are going to read 6 fiction and 6 non-fiction books, alternating each month. Easy enough, right? Here’s the grand list:

January: Bossypants
February: What Alice Forgot
March: Happier at Home
April: MWF Seeking BFF
May: Bittersweet
June: The Actor and the Housewife
July: Love Does
August: The Little Women Letters
September: Boundaries
October: The Paris Wife
November: Reader’s Choice*
December: Reader’s Choice*

All right! Who’s with me? :) If you’re interested in starting this month, get yourself a copy of Bossypants! I’m planning on listening to the audiobook when I run my marathon.  I’m hoping running for 5 hours will be more bearable with Tina Fey in my ear. ;)

So excited to start this book club with you!

*The last two books will be chosen based on a poll in October. :)