High Five for Friday

1. I work super close to a Target so I frequent there a lot on my lunch breaks. Their new stuff just hit the shelves and I’m in love with their spring decor! If my apartment wasn’t maxed out, I’d get myself one of those ottomans.

2. Anyone else have the post-holiday blues? I miss our Charlie Brown Christmas tree and twinkle lights and jingle music and COOKIES! I really miss cookies. But! Slowly, day by day it’s staying lighter a little longer, so that makes up for it a little bit.

3. Leia graduated puppy training!

4. Next week I’m finally giving a little apartment tour. Get excited!

5. Who’s heard of the Influence Network? I joined this week and have already been so blessed with the community on there. If you’re on there, hit me up! I’d love to connect. :)

Linking up with Lauren today! Have a great weekend, y’all!

  • Lucy Clement

    oooh why’d ya have to show me those things from target?? i havent been in there in a week and really shouldnt go in….

  • Yeah, we really need a storage ottoman, but have no where to put it right now. Those are $59 each, which is not too bad for an ottoman, but not the best price for a Target ottoman. Maybe they will go on sale in a couple of months? :)

  • Jessica
  • Casey

    Great blog! I enjoy reading! :)