High Five for Friday

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It’s Friday! This post is basically a recap of my Easter weekend. Enjoy!

High Five for Friday

1. Flowers from my mom’s garden, Easter buckets at each table setting, red wine, and my sweet family.

2. My dad is still a kid at heart.

3. Longest tongue award goes to Leia.

4. My SIL got a cat on Sunday and named her Lily. Get it? Easter Lily? :)

5. I have a hair cut this evening. Should I chop it off? Grow it out? Dye it purple? Get Zooey bangs?

Happy weekend, y’all!
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  • I just adore Leia, so just keep posting pictures of that beautiful dog of yours!:-) How did the haircut turn out?

    Have a great weekend:-)

  • Aw, you’re so sweet. She’s a keeper for sure!

    The hair cut didn’t go… the hairdresser thought it was next week. Womp womp. But since it was her fault it will be free! :)