he // she


he walks L in the evening // she walks L in the morning

he listens to espn radio // she listens to country

he loves movie dates // she loves picnic dates

he plays racquetball // she goes running

he loves seinfeld // she loves friends

he likes it cold // she likes it warm

he needs sleep // she needs coffee

he prefers drama // she prefers comedy

he wears glasses // she wears contacts

 he orders soda // she orders wine

he takes showers // she takes bubble baths

he gets cookie dough // she gets mint

he craves savory // she craves sweet

This was inspired by Erika’s post a few months ago. :)

  • aw, how sweet! loved this post!

  • Dorothy Clement

    Differences: the spice of life!

  • Lucy Clement

    Love this post! :)

  • Amazing how opposites attract.

  • Amanda Hestekin

    Love how great minds think alike. I just did this post last week! Isn’t it fun to think about how similar + different you are to your spouse and how it just works? Clicks?

    And happy belated two year anniversary!