Our House Hunting Checklist

We are starting to hunt for housing this month and cannot be more excited about the process! There are normal things we are looking for, like number of bedrooms, bathroom, location, etc. (read more about our house hunting priorities), but more important, we want to pick a house that feels right. 

I put together a little house hunting checklist for each place we visit. Some are deal breakers (see: convenient parking, yard), and others are just preferences I really want (see: sunny kitchen, nooks, fireplace), but I think all are realistic and I am hopeful we can find all these things within our budget.

House Hunting Checklist

What kinds of questions do you ask when you think of your next home?

PS – Why we changed our minds on saving 20% for our down payment

  • Sara Chidester

    Enjoy the process! It’s so fun to look back in a few months and see how the Lord led you to the right place!

  • Giulia

    Enjoy the process and also if -I am a real este agent don’t believe always about what they said,, you must to feel the house as YOUR house, God has always a good plan for you!

  • I see that I haven’t been around in the blogworld for some time, you´ve decided to get a house? that´s amazing! Congrats!!

  • Yes and thank you!! :)

  • Thanks Guilia! I agree. :)