7 Tips on How to Decorate a Corporate Office

There are so many cute, trendy office photos circulating the web. Ones where all of the binders are color-coordinated, desks that overlooks a garden or the ocean, gallery walls of art and prints to inspire. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to cute offices and work spaces.

But not everyone is lucky enough to work from home or have unlimited supplies for creating the dream office. What about those of us working in the corporate world? I thought I would share today a few tips on how I decorated my workspace to look a little less corporate and a little more me. After all, this is the place I spend the majority of my time each week. So why not personalize it?

How to Decorate a Corporate Office

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1. Add Plants

Whether you have a big office or a small cubicle, adding a plant or two is an easy way to bring life to a space. I brought in two succulents from home, and the other two plants were provided by my company.

2. Decorate with photos that make you happy

Some of my favorite photos are in my office — a picture of J and me on our wedding day, one of us in New York, one of my sister Lucy and I in front of Machu Picchu, and another of my sister Carrie and I.

3. Keep a fruit basket handy

I used to carry an apple or two in my purse every morning for lunch and a snack. And then one day I decided to keep my fruit at work. It is a good reminder to eat healthy when I need a snack. I normally keep apples or peaches in the summer, and clementines in the winter.

4. Hang Art

I was lucky enough that my company let me choose the art for my wall (still unsure of the name of the piece!), so I chose something bright and colorful. I also painted a few small canvases to fill up space on my bookcase.

5. File papers in pretty folders

I saw these folders on sale for $2 at Target and it’s amazing how filing and organizing is a lot more fun with pretty folders.

6. Customize your computer desktop

This one’s really easy: simply add a picture or graphic that makes you happy and inspired throughout the day.

7. Hide the ugly

I am more productive and work smarter when things are organized and clean, so I try to keep papers or folders or office supplies that don’t enhance the space in my drawers and cabinets.

There are so many more ideas, including hanging a cute calendar (mine is a little more practical than cute), adding a colorful bulletin board or chalkboard, and  even painting your walls. Your office should be decorated with elements that make you happy and inspired, but also professional enough to represent you well as an employee.

Do you work in an office?
What things have you added to decorate your desk?
What decorating challenges have you had at your job?

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