May Highlights

Last year I shared highlights and goal recap each month, and I got out of the habit of sharing those this year. I plan to bring them back, though, as it’s always a nice refresher of what I did each month. Maybe I’ll back-post January through April… we’ll see. :)

May was a full and good month. The first three weekends I was out of town — first to Hillsville, VA for a mountain weekend with my family, next to Knoxville for a wedding in J’s family, and then to Sunset Beach for a relaxing girls’ weekend with friends. The last two weekends were spent at home, mainly doing yard work and painting.

May 2014 Highlights

May Highlights:

+ Pet-sitting for a friend’s bunny
+ An impressive sandcastle sighting at the beach
+ Attending a wedding in Knoxville with J’s family
+ Camp fire with my family
+ Bide riding on the beach
+ Cinco de Mayo fiesta
+ Painting the foyer and stairwell
+ Watching dogs swim in the river
+ Tasty margaritas with friends

Here’s a recap of my May Goals


  • Get pricing for painting our two-story entryway // Yes! And it’s painted!
  • Run at least two times a week
  • Start working on transforming my dining room // Bought paint. Hoping to get this one accomplished in June. :)
  • Write recap posts from my Haiti trip on the blog // See all Haiti posts here.
  • Revisit our monthly budget and adjust with new financial goals
  • Create a time-capsule wardrobe for the summer // It’s not exactly time-capsule, but I have a better idea of what items to rotate in my summer wardrobe.

Not so much:

  • Finish at least two books // Finished just one
  • Do hot yoga at least once a week // Major fail — I didn’t go once!
  • Buy a bouquet of peonies // Does it count if I smelled a hundred bouquets? I was out of town the peak of peony season so didn’t get to buy any. I really need to plant some in my garden!
  • Go strawberry picking // I am so sad this one didn’t happen, but every time we were able to go they were closed for ripening. Maybe we can go before the season is up.
  • Refresh the blog with new sidebars/about page // Hoping to get this one accomplished in June. :)