London Bucket List

J and I are traveling to Europe in just a few weeks. I can’t believe it’s almost here!

We have been planning and dreaming about this trip since my grandmother died three years ago and left us some money to start our savings fund (read more about that here).

We are spending three nights in London, four nights in Paris, and three nights in St. Wendel, Germany with our friends that moved there a couple of years ago.

Half of the fun of traveling for us is the planning. Since our friends are going to plan most of our trip while we’re in Germany, we decided to split London and Paris — J’s in charge of planning London, and I’m in charge of Paris. Neither of us have been to London before, so we want to visit all of the classic London hot spots in three days, plus a few fun things thrown in (ex: show, Harry Potter tour, etc.).

Here’s our London bucket list so far!

London Bucket List

London Bucket List:

  • Go on a Thames River Cruise
  • Visit Tower of London
  • Visit Westminster Abbey and Big Ben
  • See a musical that originated in London (we are going to Billy Elliot)
  • Drink a beer at a pub
  • Find Baker Street (and, you know, solve a mystery if we have time)
  • Ride the London Eye
  • Take a double-decker bus tour
  • Walk over the Tower Bridge
  • Go on the Harry Potter tour
  • See the Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross Station (What can I say? We are harry nerds.)
  • Eat fish and chips
  • Visit the British Museum

Obviously our list includes pretty big touristy things (why go to London and not go on a double decker bus?), but we also would love any recommendations on what the locals do.

Readers who have been to London: 

What are we missing from this list? Do you have any other recommendations on what to see, do or where to eat? Greatly appreciate any suggestions! :)


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