30 before 30

  1. Take a trip to the West Coast.
  2. Complete the P90X program.
  3. Leave a 200% tip at a diner for a well-deserving waitress.
  4. Cook a Thanksgiving turkey by myself.
  5. Give my hair away to locks of love. Completed 4.27.2012
  6. Go to Disney World.Completed 12.06.2012
  7. Write a children’s book.
  8. Publish a book {even if it’s just self-published}
  9. Learn to bake my grandmother’s caramel cake.  Completed 12.25.2011
  10. Do 100 sun-salutations on the beach at sunrise.
  11. Take an international trip.Completed 4.15.2014
  12. Start/join a book club.
  13. Start a business.
  14. Climb a lighthouse.
  15. Run a marathon.Completed 1.19.2013
  16. Get a dog and name her Leia Completed 10.20.2012
  17. Read the Bible from cover to cover. Completed 1.16.2013
  18. Mentor a younger girl.
  19. Learn to cut J’s hair.
  20. Learn to use my DSLR camera on manual.
  21. Save and buy a house. Completed 8.23.2013
  22. Sew curtains.
  23. Crochet a granny-square blanket.
  24. Buy a bike and ride it to another city.
  25. Take a vacation with the girls in my family.
  26. Attend a musical festival.
  27. Refinish a piece of furniture.
  28. Learn to rap an entire song.
  29. Sing in a karaoke bar.
  30. Find the perfect shade of lipstick.

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