Our Wedding

When I first got engaged, I remember scouring websites to get ideas on wedding planning and see how budget-conscious brides manage to pull off a classy wedding. For those who are nosy (like me) and want to see how we paid, planned and executed our wedding, here are all the pretty details. Enjoy!

Our Wedding Weekend Video 

I’m Engaged!!!

The Proposal Story

10 Thoughts from a week-old Fiancee

The Wedding Budget:
The Wedding Budget

All the dirty details

Saving Plan

The Wedding Budget Status

Saving Progress

Wedding Planning:
Wedding Perfume

Operation: Avoid Becoming Bridezilla

2011 Calendars

My First Wedding Present!

How I Said Yes to the Dress

Wedding Rings

Registry Wish List

Engagement Photos

The Colors 

Our Favors

The Productive Bride & Weekend To-Dos

Our Guest Book

The Gifts (and a rant on why you should give)

The Venue

Wedding Recap:
My pre-wedding thoughts

We’re Married!

The Week before the Wedding

Our Wedding: a sneak peak at the details of the day

Getting Ready

The Ceremony

The Reception

Final Thoughts

Our Mexican Honeymoon Video