five things friday

Five Things 1

Happy Friday! Oh my word, this week. It’s been a busy one! It’s a good busy though, and like I wrote about last year, hidden behind my to-do list are so many blessings that I am thankful for. Five things for Friday: 1. It’s currently 78 degrees here in North Carolina while […]

Five Things 1

Five things to share this Friday: 1. I am really close to finishing a granny square blanket. I started it last Thanksgiving so it’s been in the works for waaaay too long. 2. I know everyone has already probably seen this, but last Friday’s BatKid was the sweetest, most awesome Make A […]

High Five for Friday 2

It’s Friday! This post is basically a recap of my Easter weekend. Enjoy! 1. Flowers from my mom’s garden, Easter buckets at each table setting, red wine, and my sweet family. 2. My dad is still a kid at heart. 3. Longest tongue award goes to Leia. 4. My SIL […]

High Five for Friday 3

It’s Friday! High fives all around! I don’t have five pictures for you this week because I’ve already put most of them up here and that would be boring to show you the same ones. So I’ll just share five thoughts: 1. I finally got a cold. I think mother […]

High Five for Friday 8

It’s Friday! Woot! I don’t share five things every week, but moving forward I decided to throw in a high-five gif, at least until I run out of them. :) (Shout out to Kim at Olivia Jane Accessories for more Friday gifs. It’s such a happy day of the week!) […]

High Five for Friday 1

   1. Margaritas with my running buddies Saturday night. 2. A morning at the beach in Charleston. 3. Leia celebrating my father in-law’s birthday. 4. Getting lots of rest this week. 5. On the hunt for fodmap-friendly recipes. (Who has any winning recipes from Joy of Cooking? The book can […]

High Five for Friday 4

1. I work super close to a Target so I frequent there a lot on my lunch breaks. Their new stuff just hit the shelves and I’m in love with their spring decor! If my apartment wasn’t maxed out, I’d get myself one of those ottomans. 2. Anyone else have […]