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Five Things

Lake Lynn in Raleigh, NC

Happy Friday! Oh my word, this week. It’s been a busy one! It’s a good busy though, and like I wrote about last year, hidden behind my to-do list are so many blessings that I am thankful for.

Five things for Friday:

1. It’s currently 78 degrees here in North Carolina while the rest of the country seems to be snowed in. I admit, I’d prefer the snow, but I’m also never one to complain when it’s 70 and sunny.

2. John and Sherry are having a…

3. One of my favorite parts of Christmas is decorating the tree, which we did last Saturday. This month I decide to share 12 days of ornaments on Instagram, so feel free to follow along. So many memories on that tree!

4. I am a little particular about what I watch on TV. I really only like things with clever plots and engaging characters. However, I love a good cheesy Christmas movie. The kind where in the first two minutes you can name exactly who will fall in love with whom and how that’s going to happen. Making fun of it all is part of the appeal. They must include at least two or more of these prototypes:

  • A small town, a widower/widow, an orphan, a disabled child, a workaholic who hates Christmas, a woman/man jaded from her past who hates Christmas, a Santa in disguise, a person who threatens/tries to cancel Christmas, an old lady who bakes, a cabin in the woods, and always, always a snowy Christmas Eve. (What else am I missing?)

5. This weekend we are baking dozens of cookies, helping serve food for an ESL class, attending my in-law’s Christmas party, and seeing Handel’s Messiah. Should be a good one!

Have a great weekend!

PS – You know you’re a real blog stalker follower when you call up your sister and start talking about bloggers like they are your mutual friends. Anyone do that??

PPS – Last night I watched Hallmark’s Let is Snow with Candace Cameron Bure (aka: DJ Tanner!). It was exactly what you’d expect and I loved every minute of it. 

Five Things

fireside crocheting

Five things to share this Friday:

1. I am really close to finishing a granny square blanket. I started it last Thanksgiving so it’s been in the works for waaaay too long.

2. I know everyone has already probably seen this, but last Friday’s BatKid was the sweetest, most awesome Make A Wish I’ve ever seen. Puts a little faith back into humanity.

3. I love Ashley Ann’s gift guide to DSLR photography and really want to take her online class (hint, hint, Santa).

4. How the multitasking genius Lara Casey gets stuff done.

5. I love the week of Thanksgiving. Work slows down and there’s such good energy in the air with the holidays officially beginning. That energy starts this weekend, as we plan to go to the Raleigh Christmas parade (but maybe not, I think it will rain?), then a party at my SIL’s house to watch the NC State vs. ECU game, then we are hosting a Friendsgiving at our house. And that’s just Saturday!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

High Five for Friday

high five gif

It’s Friday! This post is basically a recap of my Easter weekend. Enjoy!

High Five for Friday

1. Flowers from my mom’s garden, Easter buckets at each table setting, red wine, and my sweet family.

2. My dad is still a kid at heart.

3. Longest tongue award goes to Leia.

4. My SIL got a cat on Sunday and named her Lily. Get it? Easter Lily? :)

5. I have a hair cut this evening. Should I chop it off? Grow it out? Dye it purple? Get Zooey bangs?

Happy weekend, y’all!
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High Five for Friday

It’s Friday! High fives all around!

Pam & Jim High Five

I don’t have five pictures for you this week because I’ve already put most of them up here and that would be boring to show you the same ones. So I’ll just share five thoughts:

1. I finally got a cold. I think mother nature heard me bragging that I hadn’t been sick in years and thought it was due time. This morning as J and I were getting ready he said, “Can I tell you one of my least favorite things that you do?” Sure, let’s hear it. “You leave used tissues all over the place. It’s disgusting.” Oh, yeah. I do do that. Oops. 

2. I’m still getting used to Bloglovin. It’s not the same! But I like that you are giving traffic to the blogs you subscribe to. It’s nice to see the layouts instead of just the posts. (Click here to follow me on Bloglovin.)

3. It’s March Madness time! Basketball games galore! My bracket is already out of whack, but that’s okay. I love a good upset. Except, of course, when it’s your #2 team that loses to a #15 in the first round. Duke, don’t disappoint me again this year!

4. For all you Leia fans, that girl got in serious trouble this past week. We came home Thursday to find that she had chewed the window sill of our guest room window. Bad girl! I feel kind of silly for trusting that a one year-old pup could handle the freedom of being out for 8 hours of the day, but oh well. Lesson learned. She’s back in her crate indefinitely during the day, and I’m trying not to think about how much that damage will cost us. I’ll let Future Ginna worry about that.

5. This weekend we are going to a going away party for some friends that are moving to Germany. It’s so hard to say goodbye to good friends, but at least we have a free place to stay with if/when we go to Europe!

What are y’all up to this weekend? Hope it’s a great one! 

High Five for Friday

SNL High Five Gif

It’s Friday! Woot! I don’t share five things every week, but moving forward I decided to throw in a high-five gif, at least until I run out of them. :) (Shout out to Kim at Olivia Jane Accessories for more Friday gifs. It’s such a happy day of the week!)

High Five for Friday:

1. I think J gave me magic flowers for Valentine’s Day. Some of them died, but these beauties are still as vibrant as the first day. Anyone know what kind of flower they are? Mom, if you’re reading this, you probably know. :)


2. Who’s excited for daylight savings on Sunday?! Sure we lose an hour, but the light we gain in the evenings is so worth it!

3. Last weekend I painted a few canvases for a home project I’m working on (more on that next week), and it was SO.MUCH.FUN. I’m not at all good, but maybe with a little practice? I loved it.

photo-34. After today I am not going to wear blacks, grays or browns anymore… at least not without a pop of color. I’m ready for bright! vibrant! spring! colors back in my life. Anyone else?

5. After our hike on Sunday, Leia was exhausted. I hadn’t seen her that tired since Charleston and she was reunited with her boyfriends. As soon as we got back she fell asleep on the couch and looked so darn comfortable neither J nor I had the heart to move her. We ended up watching TV in our green chairs and swiveling the TV around. How did she get to be the master in this place? Oh, who am I kidding. She’s ruled this place since she jumped on our white bedspread the minute we brought her home.


Have a wonderful weekend!

High Five for Friday


celebraterestjoy of cooking  

1. Margaritas with my running buddies Saturday night.

2. A morning at the beach in Charleston.

3. Leia celebrating my father in-law’s birthday.

4. Getting lots of rest this week.

5. On the hunt for fodmap-friendly recipes. (Who has any winning recipes from Joy of Cooking? The book can be so daunting!)

Linking up with Lauren today. Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend. :)

High Five for Friday

1. I work super close to a Target so I frequent there a lot on my lunch breaks. Their new stuff just hit the shelves and I’m in love with their spring decor! If my apartment wasn’t maxed out, I’d get myself one of those ottomans.

2. Anyone else have the post-holiday blues? I miss our Charlie Brown Christmas tree and twinkle lights and jingle music and COOKIES! I really miss cookies. But! Slowly, day by day it’s staying lighter a little longer, so that makes up for it a little bit.

3. Leia graduated puppy training!

4. Next week I’m finally giving a little apartment tour. Get excited!

5. Who’s heard of the Influence Network? I joined this week and have already been so blessed with the community on there. If you’re on there, hit me up! I’d love to connect. :)

Linking up with Lauren today! Have a great weekend, y’all!