Summer Weight Loss Competition 6

J and I have been in a healthy-living rut as of late. I blame the busyness. One or both of us have been out of town five of the past six weekends, and our weeknights are oftentimes filled with activities. And when life gets busy like that, the first thing to go out […]

Tortellini Soup Recipe 1

Last week I made the first pot of soup for the season and shared a photo on Instagram. I got a few requests for the recipe, so here you go! My favorite thing about the recipe is the base. It is a good, hearty beef broth base that you can […]

Recipe: Key Lime Cream Pie with Meringue

My sister Carrie got me a pie dish for Christmas, and I’m pretty sure I’ve used it at least once a week so far this year. I have made apple pie, chess pie, pumpkin pie, chocolate silk pie, strawberry pie, tomato pie. I honestly didn’t know I was such a […]

Strawberry Picking 5

One of my all-time favorite things about living in central North Carolina is the abundance of strawberry farms. There are so many! In fact, I realized the other day there was one just two miles from our home. So Saturday morning, J and I decided to pick some strawberries before […]

Recipe: Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies 4

“You know what I love about cooking? I love that after a day when nothing is sure, and when I say “nothing” I mean nothing, you can come home and absolutely know that if you add egg yolks to chocolate and sugar and milk, it will get thick. It’s such […]

Cook the Book: The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook Review 1

There are a hundred ways to find new recipes. Magazines, food blogs, Pinterest, online recipe networks. My favorite way to find new recipes happens to be the old fashioned way: Cookbooks. When a new cookbook enters my kitchen, it’s not just for eye candy, I intend to use it. After […]

Smitten Kitchen Cookbook Signing 9

I found out last minute (thanks to my sister Carrie!) that Deb Perelman, the writer behind the Smitten Kitchen blog, was in Raleigh for a book signing last Friday. I was feeling particularly tired that day, so I had to ask myself: Should I stay inside on this wet, cold […]