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6 Lessons from the Whole30 Challenge 9

Welp, I’m done with the Whole30 challenge. (Or rather Whole25, since I didn’t make it to the bitter end due to a trip I really wanted to enjoy. If you’re a strict Whole30 follower, give me grace. 25 days > 0 days.) For those who aren’t familiar with Whole30, the basic gist is to […]

Mid-Summer Update on our Weight Loss Competition 8

Seven weeks ago J and I agreed to participate in a summer weight loss challenge — a friendly competition to see who can lose the most weight by September 2nd. And y’all the stakes are high. We are halfway through the competition, so I thought I’d give a little mid-summer update […]

Summer Weight Loss Competition 6

J and I have been in a healthy-living rut as of late. I blame the busyness. One or both of us have been out of town five of the past six weekends, and our weeknights are oftentimes filled with activities. And when life gets busy like that, the first thing to go out […]

Mile A Day December 8

I have learned something about myself this year: I do not exercise on my own unless I have a race I paid for, a gym membership I am paying for, or a tangible goal that I have told a lot of people about. Basically, if my money or my pride […]

My Standing Desk 13

One of the things that really surprised me when I entered the working world is how sedentary it is. After years of walking to and from my classes in college, it was a big adjustment to sit in front of a computer for 8+ hours of the day and then […]

My April Goal: No Processed Food 6

I only have one goal this month:* DON’T EAT ANY PROCESSED FOOD. If it comes out of a bag, box or wrapper, it’s off limits. It’s been a long time since I’ve shared much about diet or fitness… which means I haven’t been doing either very well. Because when you’re on […]

Fodmaps Diet Results 3

Guess what! I’m done dieting! I know. It’s exciting! Like I have shared before, a few months ago I decided to see a nutritionist for a few digestive issues I was dealing with, and she put me on a Fodmaps diet. Fodmaps are trigger foods that can affect your digestive […]