7 tips on traveling with your significant other

Seven Tips on Traveling with your Significant Other 2

In the beginning of a relationship, your world is like a little fairy tale. Life is happy and love is wonderful. Your significant other can do no wrong! If their tastes differ from yours, it’s endearing! If they want to do something you’ve never done, you’re game! Anything is fun with you, […]

My Christmas Budget 1

I find it humorous how every year I am surprised when the holidays roll around. Once the stores start decorating for Christmas we’re all like What?? Christmas ALREADY?? as if it isn’t the exact same day year after year. It’s so easy to get out of control and spend more […]

The Mixed Emotions of Check Writing 5

The day before we closed on our house, I went to the bank to pick up the cashier’s check that included our down payment and any leftover closing costs that the seller wasn’t taking care of (I plan to detail all of our closing costs in a post soon. Those […]

Ways We Are Saving for a House 11

House hunting is like going on the most expensive shopping trip of your life — you’re looking to buy something that costs over six figures. Yowser. That’s a lot of money! We have been saving for years, and yet it’s still going to be a small fraction of the total […]

The Time I Change My Mind About Saving 20% for a House 10

(via Pinterest) Remember that old post I wrote a few months ago about how we’re going to save 20% for a down payment no matter which way the mainstream real estate market pressures us? We’re kind of changing our minds. I know. I said I wouldn’t let the market pressure us… […]

Big Money Dreams 8

J and I want to be used by God in whatever way He has for us. Right now, we feel that we are called to live and work in this area, and sometimes I wish that was different. I wish our calling was a little more… spiritual. Being in the […]

Tips for Successfully Ordering Clothes Online 4

Last year I wrote a post on why I hate online shopping. Oftentimes I would come home from work to a package and feel a mixture of excitement and anxiety as I opened it up, only to be sorely disappointed when the clothes were too big, too tight, too see-through, the wrong […]