I’m Back, and My Thoughts on Spooky Decor 3

Hello there! It’s been over two weeks since my last post and every day since the pressure of a really good come-back post increases. Well, sorry to disappoint, but this one’s going to be short and kind of pointless. Thank goodness I didn’t try to tackle the 31 days project. […]

October Goals + Fall Bucket List 2

Oy! I’m feeling a little behind on my updates. I realized today I still have to share my August highlights, my August book club (how did I miss that?), now my September highlights plus a whole host of posts I have sitting in my drafts folder just waiting for me […]

Fall Fashion Wish List 5

I love summer, but not so much late summer. My morning walks with Leia are darker, the bugs are big after months of feeding, and I am tired of air conditioning. A cold front came through yesterday and this morning it was a delicious 65 degrees. That’s unheard of in […]

Summer Bucket List 5

I love summer. The beginning of it, especially. It’s sunny, delightfully warm, and all you want to do is spend every waking moment outside. I was in Florida this weekend for a wedding, and it was the perfect scene to inaugurate this happy season. This is my fifth summer working […]

Decluttering: When to Hold ’em and When to Toss ’em 12

Is it possible to be a hoarder and a minimalist? I hope so, because that is me. I act on both ends of the spectrum, and watch out! — it changes fast. Suddenly, a post-it note that reads Soup’s on the counter and remote’s on the couch. Feel better babe! becomes a piece […]

My Spring Bucket List 12

Yesterday was the first day of spring. Huzzah! Of course you wouldn’t know it as the high is 43-degrees today, but the trees and flowers have started to bloom and I know soon the temperature will catch up soon enough. I love putting together intentions and goals for each season, […]

Winter in the Woods 3

I love the woods in the winter. I love that familiar paths you take in the summer look completely different. Everything seems more open, more spacious. I love that you can walk through thick brush without running into spider webs. I love that earthy, wet smell walking over leaves that have been […]