February Highlights 1

Oh February! It was such a good month. For the shortest month of the year, it sure lasted a long time and we managed to pack in a lot. Here are some highlights from the month. Super bowl party at the casa. Wedding shower for my little sister. Galentine’s Day party […]

hello march

March Goals

March has arrived, and with it comes daylight savings (hallelujah), warmer weather (amen), and our long-awaited trip to Europe (what! what!). The countdown is on — one week until we leave! This month will be spent preparing for the trip, traveling and then recovering afterwards. March Goals Average 10,000 steps on […]

how to add wainscoting to a room

How to install wainscoting 4

Remember me talking about adding wainscoting to my dining room? I’m finally here to talk about how I did it, and the steps I took in case you want to try this adventure for yourself. I’m actually embarrassed at how long it has taken me to write this post — I did this […]

snow day

Snow days 4

I always forget that in February we are still very much in the thick of winter. Spring starts in March in the South, so it feels so close! But not so — we always get the coldest days and most wintery weather this month. It’s like winter is tired of being […]

paris bucket list_short

Paris Bucket List 6

As I mentioned a few days ago, J and I are about to spend 10 days in Europe. We are spending three nights in London, four nights in Paris, and three nights with our friends in St. Wendel Germany. We have had so much fun planning out this trip for […]


London Bucket List 9

J and I are traveling to Europe in just a few weeks. I can’t believe it’s almost here! We have been planning and dreaming about this trip since my grandmother died three years ago and left us some money to start our savings fund (read more about that here). We […]

love isshort

On Love 1

LOVE. An appropriate topic the day before Valentine’s Day, right? I’ve been thinking lately about what love is, and what it isn’t. Love is kind and patient. It trusts, protects, perseveres and never fails. It is not rude and does not envy or hold grudges. It’s the thread woven into the greatest stories, and […]

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