What we did in London 2

I absolutely adored London. Maybe it was the unusually delightful weather we were having, but there were multiple times during the trip we talked about how we could see ourselves living there. It was familiar and comfortable, even though this was our first time visiting the city. We only spent three nights […]


Summer around here + July Goals 3

Thanks for all of the love on my last post. I’m learning that vulnerability breeds vulnerability and since sharing I have had the privilege to hear from so many with similar stories of loss and hope. My heart goes out to all of those who have lost children — whether in […]

Pregnancy happy hour

The story of our first baby 23

I found out I was pregnant on our fourth anniversary and lost the baby five weeks later. Miscarriages are such a strange and terrible event. You don’t announce your joyful news in the beginning for fear that something like this may happen — but when that horrible thing happens, what do you do? How do […]


Currently 2

WAITING for this book to arrive in the mail. I’ve had it on my library waiting list for two months now and there’s no end in sight so I decided to just buy it. WEARING open-toed shoes. LISTENING to this song on repeat. CELEBRATING my sister’s baby this weekend! I’m going to be […]

dining room wainscoting

Dining Room, Before & After 6

I shared a few photos of our dining room with the wainscoting tutorial, but here’s a full before and after with sources, in case you are curious. I’m no expert on decorating, and this room isn’t even fully finished (I need to put art on the walls, paint the cabinet […]

europe 057

Where we stayed in London

Location: We stayed at the London House Hotel, in Kensington Gardens Square, just northwest of Hyde Park. We really liked the location. It was quieter and more residential part of the city, but just a short walk to Notting Hill where there were a lot of restaurants and shops. The closest Tube […]

april goals

April Goals 4

Tap, tap. Is this thing on? Yes? Oh good. It’s nice to be back and write you all again! I feel like it’s been months since I’ve written on here, which is silly because it was just a couple of weeks. But I’m hoping this month to get back into […]

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