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What I Read in 2014 6

Let’s talk about books! One of my favorite topics. In 2014, I read 19 books. I read a lot more non-fiction than fiction, which has been a pattern in the last few years. Growing up I devoured novels, but these days I have a hard time getting into them. My criteria […]

Why I set Goals

Why I Set Goals 2

Sometimes I feel a little awkward sharing my goals each year and month. I worry that people may look at my list and think it’s silly, or feel inadequate that their list isn’t the same, or that I’m bragging about the things I want to accomplish, or have. That’s not my […]


January 2015 Highlights 1

Back in the day (like a year ago) I used to post highlights from the prior month on the blog (see examples here and here and here). I always enjoyed putting them together because it was a chance to reflect on the last month and can remember little things that in years I […]


February 2015 Goals 1

You guys, we did it. We survived January! The longest winter month has ended and spring is not too far away now. February Goals: Host a Galentine’s Day party Book everything for our trip to Europe Try a new restaurant with J Host a shower for Lucy! Finish three books File taxes […]

and if not, he is still good.

And if not, He is still good. 10

A few months ago I was reading Daniel 3, the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. I’ve heard this story dozens of times, and it always makes me think of flannel boards from old Sunday School days (anyone else remember those?). The story is set in Babylon, and essentially King Nebuchadnezzar made a […]

currently - winter 2015

Currently 9

READING: Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker. PACKING: For a long weekend in Florida this weekend. EATING: Lots of soup. DRINKING: Lots of water. WANTING: All the things on sale right now! Every day I get a dozen promotional emails about 70% off clearance. I have bought a few items, but trying not to […]

happy new year

2015 Goals 2

Goodness, how is it 2015? I turn 30 this year! How did I get to be such an adult? I think my brain is still stuck in 2000. The other day I referenced WWII as being 60 years ago. Nope, that was 75 years now. Time is a ticking, my […]

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