Upcoming Trip: NYC

One major reason why I want to get control of my money is so that I actually have some to spend on things that I want and love to do. One of these things is traveling.

This weekend I am going to New York City with two of my best friends to visit my older sister. It shouldn’t be too expensive because my sister lives in the heart of Manhattan (free place to stay) and I am going on the Bolt Bus for a $30 round-trip ticket from DC to NYC. There are other buses that run a little cheaper, but the Bolt doesn’t make any stops in Baltimore, Philly or New Jersey so I like that.

I occasionally struggle to stay within my budget when I am tempted by friends. I feel that I have pretty decent control over my money when it only affects me, but when my saying “no” to eating at a $50/meal restaurant or going to an $80 show affects other people’s plans, I tend to just go with the crowd instead of making everyone else skimp out on those activities too. So this weekend I am hoping to stand my ground and not be a pushover, but not in a way that I turn into a stingy grump who only wants to sit in Central Park and people watch. That’s not really who I am at all, I just really don’t want to overspend!

My weekend budget is $100, which shouldn’t be too bad. It’ll also be challenging not to spend anything when we go shopping since I have given that up for Lent. I guess I have the entire blogging community to be accountable to, so I’ll report on whether or not I stay in my budget on Monday. Until then, I’m off to the Big Apple!!! (Okay, I’m aware only tourists call it that, but whatever. I love New York!)

Have a great weekend!

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