New York on a Budget


You don’t have to go all out to have a good time in New York. All you really need are four good friends and a tasty cosmo, right?

Since my friends and I have visited NYC many times before, we stayed away from the hot-spots such as Times Square (shudder—I was there for ’08 New Years), and instead did low-key things like picnicking in Central Park and wandering the Village.

I am pleased to announce that while we did a lot of shopping in lovely Soho boutiques, I only spent money on restaurants, cab rides, subway tickets, and I stayed within my $100 budget! One restaurant we went to was especially kind to the wallet—Cooper 35 where the chips are free and the cocktails are $4 a piece. It’s on the East Village, serves mainly Asian cuisine and is a hot-spot for NYU students. After arriving in the city after a 4-hour bus ride, it was the perfect place to go. Saturday evening was fairly warm and so we sat on the screened in patio at B-Bar. Equally as good with a little more atmosphere, but the drinks were sadly $10-13 each. Overall, it was a fabulous girl’s weekend.

Here’s the damage:
Cab ride: $13
Cooper 35: $20
Subway pass: $9
B-Bar: $30
Groceries for brunch: $12
Total = $84

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  • Nice work on the budget! I went to New York a few years ago and LOVED it (though I think I spent rather more – ahem). Do you fancy going on each others blogrolls? x

  • oh yeah, NYC can def. be fun w/ hardly any money! I should know, i was living there for 2 years making like $8/hr! whew….i do kinda miss it every now and then – you really do figure out the places to go and not go :)

    glad you all had fun!