Second Jobs

When I first began my debt-fighting battle, I realized that my entry-level income could only get me so far and began searching for a part-time job. I looked into waiting tables, but my full-time job ended so late that I wouldn’t be able to get to a restaurant in time. Then I thought about working at a gym in order to get a free membership with it. But I have worked in a gym before and my entire motivation for working out was shot since I associated it with “work.” I thought about just finding a place to work on the weekends, but with a long-distance boyfriend and needing to make friends in the city, I ruled that out. Finally I landed on it: babysitting.

I stumbled upon two websites that connect you with jobs and positions nearby where you live: and You can also find other odd-jobs such as tutoring, pet-sitting, housekeeping or care-giving for the elderly. I live in a populated area, so I am not sure if it will be a useful tool for everyone, but it was for me.

I got in touch with three families that fit my needs of occasional date-night babysitting and another family I babysit for every Thursday for a steady $45 weekly income. What other job can you get paid $10-15 per hour to watch TV? (It’s also especially nice when you don’t have cable!)

But I’m really curious and would love to know what others are doing:
What part-time or second job do you have to help reach your finance goals or to get out of debt?

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  • that is really cool, i had no idea there were websites out there for that! then again, it’s been at least 15 years since i last babysat ;) good work finding them though.

    i don’t have a part-time job other than blogging really (i wish i could do it full time!) but i am thinking about trying to work for a bank on weekends and/or starbucks just for the experience. both are on my top 5 lists of jobs “to do”, so i think it would be fun….esp since i wouldn’t be doing it for the money ;)

    Craigslist actually has a TON of great random jobs under “ETC” if you’ve never checked them out before – the things on there are REALLY crazy sometimes, but you’d be surprised of the stuff people will pay you for.

  • If you’re looking for more jobs check out local mom’s yahoo groups (ie DC moms) and A lot of my extra income comes from time spent on the couch watching other peoples tvs. My favorite family (preschool triplets) is usually home early enough to still go out afterwards.

    I also work for a museum and sometimes do surveys.