Mid-March Update

I only get paid once a month, so the last two weeks are a KILLER! Plus, almost all of my paycheck is gone the first week with bills, paying debt, and saving so that all I have left is used for “choice-spending.”

I am doing surprisingly okay for this month though. Right now I have two weeks left with $400. Pretty decent considering I’m not shopping. I know $100 will go towards bridal shower gifts, and I must go to the grocery store today if I want to continue living. My cabinets and fridge are completely empty. Also, it’s funny how I seem to run out of dish soap, trash bags, toilet paper, napkins, shampoo & conditioner, and laundry detergent all at once. It makes for a dirty home and an expensive trip to Wal-mart.

I went to visit the BF this past weekend and spent about $40 on gas. That’s all! I love cheap gas. We had a lovely weekend together, as we always do when we visit see each other, and of course it went by too fast. It was just as I predicted: a rainy weekend inside watching back-to-back college basketball, all the way up to watching Duke win the ACC Tournament. Yeyah. March Madness has begun baby!

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