Making Lemonade

Isn’t it ironic how just when things start to go great in your life, they all start to fall apart again? My family has just moved into a home, my job is picking up, I have a wonderful boyfriend, I love my apartment and city, things are finally falling into place, and then BAM.

I just found out that my mom has breast cancer. It’s not as bad as it could be, and I know that it will be fought, but it is still a scary reality to face. I mean, breast cancer is what happens to strangers or other people’s relatives. It’s what I run for when I sign up for local 5k races. It’s not something that affects my 49-year old mother.

In light of this terrible news I am rethinking my budget. I owe my parents $8,000. In my current budget I have $600/month allocated towards debt and savings–plus any extra income I happen to get that month. Since they don’t charge me interest, originally I was going to give $300 per month to debt and $300 towards the wedding savings. But now with these medical bills approaching, I think I might pay $500 to debt/$100 to savings. Or perhaps I should pay all of the monthly $600 to my debt? Or maybe I need to rethink my budget and see if I can squeeze out $800 per month?

Of course, the way I handle my budget is really not a huge concern at the moment. Oh why can’t life just be simple and easy? Well, as my momma always says, “When life gives you lemons… make lemonade!”

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  • So sorry to hear your news. I’ve been through the same with my mum. Your mum has a tough fight ahead of her, and will need lots of love and support. Maybe pay $450 to debt and spend the other $50 doing something special with her – she will be happy for the distraction! Wishing you both well :)

  • Very interesting…dropped by via, Condron and since there is no such thing as coincindence..may I offer my two cents. First of all best wishes to your Mom..its a tough fight and it will take all of your support and love to get her through of luck…as for you money& budget? i see you are saving for a wedding. What is the other party contributing> or did I miss that. Secondly the best way to save anything is to pay yourself first. 10% right off the top of everything you get is for you. There is a great book you should get and the fact that you are young makes it even better. It is called the Richest Man in Babylon..Cost a couple bucks but will set you on the road to finacial freedom and since I see you live near DC, your costs just to live are higher than anywhere elese sans San Fran or New York!! best of luck

  • I guess the amount you pay back depends on how much you think your parents need the money & how much you can comfortable afford to pay.

    I’m sorry to hear about your Mom, my thoughts are with you & your family.

  • I am so sorry to hear your news. From what I understand it is one of the best researched cancers which means that the medical profession are very ‘up’ on treating it quickly and effectively. Thinking of you and your family x

  • I’m adding my best wishes along with everyone else. Don’t forget that the blogosphere can be a really supportive place when you need it. Just let us know if you need anything.

  • I am sorry to also hear the news. My parents went through cancer too.. it’s not easy.

    No matter how happy they are beforehand, they will probably get very difficult to deal with at times because she’ll want to end her life, and feel like there’s no reason to keep on going… (for real, I had to do damage control on that).

    Or they’ll wonder why them. Why them out of so many people.

    My thoughts are with you.

  • My dad has colon and liver cancer, and so I understand what you’re going through. Try to stay positive for yourself and for your mom. I personally feel that your mom would value more time with you than payback of money.

  • Sorry to hear about the cancer. I’ll add your family to my prayer list. As far as the parental debt issue, follow your heart.