Friday Update

tulipsHappy first day of Spring!

Many thanks to all of you for the thoughts, prayers and good wishes for my mom! I promise not to turn this into a cancer blog, but I will keep you updated in the next few months on the progress. And I have some great news. If you couldn’t tell in my last post, I was worried about how this will affect my parents financially with medical bills, etc. I shared this with my mom yesterday and she informed me that they have cancer insurance. What a blessing! Apparently last year when they began paying off debt, she wanted to get rid of the insurance and use the money, but my dad insisted they keep it. So except for the deductibles, this really shouldn’t affect them financially. I am so thankful!

Aside from gifts, which were necessary purchases, I am really pleased with my weekly spending. I spent $224, which included:

  • Gifts: $117
  • Groceries: $37
  • Gas: $20
  • Debt: $50 (from babysitting cash)

It’s suppose to be a gorgeous sunny, 60-degree weekend in our nation’s capital. I plan on attending yoga, dining with friends, watching some NCAA games (bracket is already screwed), and tomorrow my roommate wants to hit up some outlets. Ah! Outlet shopping! I’ve given up shopping for Lent, but here’s the thing: I have a $20 gift card to Banana Republic. If I use a gift card and don’t spend any of my money on anything else, does that count as cheating?

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  • Hmm, but can you even get anything at BR for $20 including tax?! There are a few things, yeah, but even a lot of the sale stuff is more

  • Ooh, that’s a tough question! I think since you gave up shopping and not spending money it would be cheating, even though it’s not your money. Those are my thoughts! Good luck

  • I say save the gift card for when you can finally shop again! StackingPennies is right, there’s almost nothing at BR that’s $20. You don’t want to wind up settling on something you don’t love just because it’s under $20.