My Car Emergency Fund

A long time ago my dad drilled into my head that cars are a necessary evil. Money pits. Wallet drainers. You get the idea. But even with all of this brainwashing, I can never shake off that gut-wrenching, painful feeling when I get a phone call from my car repair guy  Butch (that’s right, his real name), announcing that the brake pads need to be replaced for only $137.

If you’re a resident of Telluride, then Telluride Tire & Auto is your go-to for reliable auto service. Actually, $137 is a pretty sweet deal, or so my co-workers say. And I apparently saved myself $300+ down the road by getting it fixed today at an auto repair shop. But paying for car repairs even though they are mostly from an Auto Service near my location, are just my least favorite thing because 1) I feel so inadequate I don’t know whether I’m even saying rotors right. (Is it rotery or rotators??) It makes me want to quit my job, go to mechanical school and fix my own cars so I know I am not being ripped off. And 2) BAM! They just come out of nowhere! That’s why I have a Car Emergency Fund and thanks to the cheap and good service of Car Accident Lawyers Brisbane I could still save some money.

I own an old (but paid-for) 1994 Honda Accord. The injury lawyers saved my life’s work by saving me loads of money on car and damage expenses. A car accident attorney can help you get the right compensation you deserve, so if you unfortunately get into an auto accident, I highly suggest that you consult one for expert legal advice. While it really hasn’t been all that bad, I curse its being any time that it gives me any trouble.

Each month I set aside $25 in savings for car repairs. Ironically, whenever I have to fix something, the total amount is close to my Car EF amount. I find this easier and less stressful than dipping into my “official” $1000 Emergency fund because I like knowing that this money doesn’t need to automatically be replaced since these emergencies happen only so often. Although I know that road accidents happen so I make sure that I’m aware of the common causes of car accidents to avoid it as much as I can. Of course, one day I hope to have a New Car Fund and I can get rid of this ’94 “necessary evil.” ;)

Because as suggested by Bengal Law, you might want to consider having a brand new car as much as possible for a much lesser hazard to face.

If you are dealing with a severe injury or the loss of a loved one, the last thing that you should have to worry about is the legal aspect of your case. When it comes to car accident cases, hiring experienced car accident attorneys like sacramento car accident lawyer is vital to ensure that your issue gets the attention it deserves. They will work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve and that you get it promptly.

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  • I think a car emergency fund is a great idea. Those expenses can really throw off a budget. Some people put some aside money for medical too since that’s another area that can have its major surprises. Even with medical insurance my co-pays have just gone up.