End-of-Month Rambles


I always get itchy for the new month to begin. Not only because I’ll get the much-needed paycheck, but also because I get to organize my budget and start new goals.

I feel like I am torn between two conflicting wants. I want to get out of debt so badly I can’t describe it. But I don’t want to live my life like a hermit for the amount of time it takes me to become debt-free.

In this entry I explained how I was conflicted with how much debt to pay and money to save. I think I will pay $500/debt and $100/savings. I am not worried anymore about having $5000 in the wedding fund by the end of the year (I’ve edited my goals). It’s just not on my horizon and I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. Many of you had the brilliant idea to put some money towards doing something fun with my mom. I usually make about $100 in babysitting each month, so I will use any extra income towards that. Thanks for the idea.

So often I hear myself saying, “if I only made more money!” Or “if only I got a tax refund every month!” Or “if I could just get one more babysitting job!” Or “if only I had so-and-so’s life I would be happy!” But the reality is, I got a $4k raise in December. I got a $1500 tax refund this month. I have a steady number of extra jobs that, for the most part, don’t interfere with my social life.

I want to just be content with where I am. Life isn’t about achieving the best, highest goals in the quickest, most efficient way possible. It’s a long, winding journey with all kinds of things that can set you back, or hurry you forward, or even leave you on a plateau for a while.

The truth is: I am making progress.This time last year I was still in college, in $13k debt, so lost and confused on where my life was going. Since then, I have changed my networth by $10,000. It may be slow, and I may compare my situation to others and envy their quick success, but at the end of the day the fact is this is my life and ever so slowly I am inching closer to financial freedom.

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  • What a beautiful way to view your success. For most of us it is a slow process, so know you are not alone in your occasional frustration.

  • Yes, while it is important to focus on goals it is even more important not to become blinkered by them and let life pass you by in the process! It’s all about balance.

    I so, so, so know what you mean about waiting for the new month to begin. I’m bored of this one and want to start afresh!

  • I totally know exactly what you mean about getting excited for the end of the month (not just the paycheck, but also for the budgetting). Some days I wish I got paid bi-weekly just so I could experience the excitement of budgeting more often, but then, I like how all of my expenses and all of my money come in and go out at the same time so I don’t have to worry about saving money for bills from paycheck to paycheck.

    Found you through Give Me Back My Five Bucks newest blog-roll, as I’m listed there as well. =D

    I like your writing and focus, I think I’ll add you to mine as well.