March Goals & Budget Summary

After such a short month before, March seemed to last fooorever! But I am actually fairly pleased with my spending. I really think if I spent any money on shopping for myself it would have changed the outcome a lot. So hoorah for Lent’s discipline. Also, my tax refund really helped boost my savings and paying off debt. I doubt I will see that much of a networth jump for the rest of the year.

March Goals

  • Start a personal finance blog – Done!
  • Workout three times a week – FAIL: I had an average about 2.5 workouts per week. Eh.
  • Pay off both my Education and Study Abroad loans with tax refund – Done!
  • Increase my networth by $1600 – Done! My networth has increased by $2041!
  • Buy wedding presents for bridal showers I have in April – Done!
  • Cook something new each week – FAIL-ish: I only learned how to cook one new dish. But I am okay with this because I still ate at home Mon-Thurs all month, still saving money.

March Budget:

  • I was over budget by $258
    • Dining + $24
    • Travel + $22
    • Gifts + $78 (yelp!)
    • Auto Expense + $134 (unexpected repair)
  • I was under budget by $108
    • Gas – $40 left in budget
    • Groceries – $48 (daaaang, this never happens)
    • Entertainment – $20
  • Extra Income: $230 in babysitting.
  • I saved $800
    • $745 – Wedding fund
    • $30 – Christmas
    • $25 – Car EF
  • I paid $1276 in debt

April goals & budget to come. Happy Monday y’all!

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