Traveling Itch

I love love love to travel. I haven’t been that many places, but I’ve made my rounds to Jamaica, Peru, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Canada (totally counts), and various states within the US. It’s been almost two years since I have gone abroad and I’m getting that traveling itch.

I have a good friend who moved to Egypt last year to teach English to missionary children in Cairo. Her term ends this August and I really wanted to visit while she was there, but just couldn’t justify it financially and with minimal vacation days.

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  • I disagree–this should absolutely be on your radar! You should always have a goal set firmly in your mind and concentrate on how to make it happen. These things have a way of drawing energy to them and coming true! Good luck on your traveling dreams!

  • I always think the opportunity to visit a friend abroad, in their home, is pretty priceless and worth the effort of saving. You can totally do this within a year.