Warm Weather Goals

My street is lined with cherry blossom trees. My closet is filled with pretty pastels. Chirping birds have become my alarm clock. It is official, my friends. Spring has finally arrived!


Each summer I like to put together a little list of fun, cheap things to do or experience. Just because I will be working 40-hour weeks and getting little vacation days doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun this summer.

My Warm Weather Goals

  1. Paddle boat in the Potomac River
  2. Go to a Nationals or Orioles Baseball game
  3. Drink a margarita outside at a restaurant
  4. Go to a yard-sale and buy a dresser
  5. Grow a garden
  6. Go berry picking
  7. Visit J in the mountains
  8. Go fishing
  9. Lose 10 pounds by BFF’s wedding Lost 5 lbs
  10. Go wine tasting at a vineyard
  11. Buy a new grill at my favorite edmonton bbq store and host a BBQ with friends
  12. Plan a day trip to Annapolis
  13. Frolic in a field of wildflowers
  14. Run in a breast cancer race
  15. Go sailing
  16. Only buy vegetables at a local Farmer’s Market
  17. Eat my favorite ice cream: Kilwin’s Key Lime Pie
  18. Make watermelon cookies
  19. Swim in a natural body of water
  20. Shop at the Eastern Market
  21. Have a picnic outside with J
  22. Go to Jazz in the Garden at the Sculpture Garden
  23. Visit at least one museum. Like the Corcoran or Newseum.
  24. Play in an outdoor sport.
  25. Watch the fireworks on the National Mall

What can I say? I like the little things in life.

What about you? What fun things do you want to experience during the warm-weather months ahead? Draft your own list of fun things and post it on your site. There’s always cost-efficient things to do no matter where you live, and I’m curious to see what people can come up with.

Happy Spring!

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  • I interviewed for a job in Virginia, and all my mom can talk about is the cherry blossoms! She and my dad have already started planning for when they’ll visit me after I get the job I haven’t been offered yet!

  • Well, I don’t know about cheap, but I’m planning on renting a little boat for a zip around at sea! Nothing says summer more to me.

  • If you are still looking for good wineries to visit – my two favorite close to DC are Breaux and Tarara. They are around Leesburg, VA. My husband and I belong to the wine club at Tarara and relish the opportunity to make the trip from Baltimore every 3 months to go wine tasting and pick up our shipments!