My Whirlwind Weekend

tableI feel like I need a weekend to recover from this past weekend. What a crazy few days I just had! I hung out with so many old, wonderful friends and had such a lovely time at both of the bridal showers. We even had perfect 70-degree spring weather and all of the trees in full bloom.

The one I hosted in Charlotte was a little stressful at the beginning because the restaurant was not prepared for us (even though we booked the room in January and called three times in the past week). However, to make up for its tardiness, they provided mimosas on the house for the guests at the bar while my frazzled sister and I set up the table. Everyone just thought the pre-shower beverage was all apart of it, so it turned out pretty awesome in the end.

Weekend Budget: I was over budget by $11, which I am fine with.

Projected: $15 | Actual: $7
Yay! I was under-budget. We stopped by Panera on our way Friday night.

Projected: $100 | Actual: $116
This included $21 for party favors, $10 for flowers for the table, and $85 for the meal, all split with my older sister.

Projected: $60 | Actual: $63
Not bad, considering I drove a total of 16 hours this past weekend. 2665_609703587258_29708868_36212022_6347362_s1

I also got to meet my newest little sister: Biscuit! As soon as my mom found out she has breast cancer, she decided she needed a little furry friend to keep her company while she goes through chemo. She’s four years old and just the sweetest little thing ever. I’m going home again this weekend for Easter and cannot wait to spend more time with her.

Driving home last night I had that Sunday night sadness that you get after a wonderful weekend. After you’ve been planning and looking forward to something for months, it just goes by so quickly once it arrives. But I’m pretty confident there will be more fun, exciting and just as exhausting weekends ahead.

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