The New Roommate

I have mentioned my roommate for quite some time now. I’ll just call her “A.” We’ve been BFF since we were four, lived with each other for three years in college and this past year here in DC. A’s getting married in July and so the past few months I’ve been a little anxious about who will be my next roommate. Big shoes to fill.

Well, it just so happened that my good friend from forever ago just moved to the city for an internship in January. Her internship turned into a full-time job and so I asked if she would be interested in living with me for the next year. She’d love to. Hooray! She won’t be the same as A, but at least the stress it over.

However, her apartment lease ends near the end of April. I talked about it with A and we both agreed to ask her if she wanted to stay with us those few months and live in the living room. She agreed and will be paying us $400 each for letting her live there before she takes over A’s rent in July. It will be crazy sharing our two-bedroom apartment with three girls but I think it will be do-able. It’s just from April 25 to June 20. Plus, the idea of having an extra $400 makes me out right giddy! I’ll probably dump $200 on both debt and savings. Or maybe use a little for something special.

A is out of town on spring break this week (I should have been a teacher!), so my goal is to do a massive clean of the apartment before our new friend moves in. Since she is helping out with rent, the least I can do is give her as much of a room as possible and I want the place to be completely organized and spotless by move-in weekend.

In other news, one of my goals is to try a new recipe per week, and this week I’m going to make this. It looks like a nice little spring dish.

Also, I transfered my savings today: $250 to wedding saving and $30 for Christmas and I’ve adjusted the progress bars accordingly. It’s slowly adding up. Cha-ching!

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  • Man, I can’t believe how long you’ve been friends with A! That is incredible. All the people that I’ve known that long I would _NEVER_ be able to live with.

    Three girls in the apartment will be tough, but totally do-able since you guys have a time-line for when it will end. That extra $200 will be super sweet, too. ;)

  • I think usually it takes a few months before the roommate reality sets in, so things should be OK with the three of you living there.

    I can’t believe you’ve been friends since you were four! I’m not even facebook friends with people I knew when I was four…