Do you ever have those mornings that you wake up and feel like you’ve gained weight overnight? Where even sucking in feels fat? Not matter how you felt the night before, you’re suppose to feel your slimmest in the mornings. I mean, it’s been 8+ hours since you even ate anything!

Well, I had that morning today. Blah.Ugh.Yuck.Disgusting.

So! Starting Monday I am going on a detox diet. A little body-cleanser. I’m starting Monday because this weekend is Easter and I’m going home and, well, I just like starting new things on Mondays.

I’m not one big on diets because they never last. In fact I don’t really want it to last because that isn’t really the point. I just need a little drastic few weeks of eating only super healthy foods to kick-start the 10 pounds I want to lose. I’ll put together the list of things I can and cannot eat for Monday.

Today I’m leaving work early and heading home! I’ll get to see J tonight also, which I am SO excited about. My goal this weekend is to only spend money on gas. A weekend budget of $45? I think I can do it. I’ve got $350 left in my account for the month and all my bills are paid so it’s just for flexible spending. PLUS after Sunday I can go shopping!

For those who are religious: Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Or, just Happy Weekend!

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  • Oh, I think we’ve ALL had one of those mornings! I like starting things on a Monday too…