Easter Fun

I just had one of my favorite weekends ever. It was glorious spring weather, I saw family I hadn’t seen in months, and I got to spend some quality time with J. So fun! Plus, I only spent $20 on gas. My parents graciously paid for my gas for my way home and I ate so much delicious food while I was there.

Since yesterday was Easter, that means I can now officially go SHOPPING! I am so happy to say I did not cheat at all! Since giving it up for Lent, I have saved myself probably hundreds of dollars. It’s a good thing too, with all the gifts I’ve end up buying these past few months.

Today I started a Lemon Detox diet. This basically includes a lemonade four times a day of freshly squeezed lemons, water, a teaspoon of 100% pure maple syrup and a dash of cayenne pepper. This is suppose to satisfy your sweet craving and help speed up your metabolism. I am also going to be eating lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and fish or chicken. The “no” list, includes carbs, sweets, red meats, and dairy.

Nothing revolutionary, but certainly a change from my “eat whatever” diet I’ve been on in the last six months. I will do it hard core for at least one week and then incorporate whole grains and some low-calorie dairies to the mix.

I have been a little lazy in going to the gym lately. I find I would rather run outside since it’s beautiful, but feel guilty because I am paying for the gym, and then I end up doing neither. I may pause my gym membership for the summer and then pick it back up when it gets cold again. I originally signed up because it was just too cold to run outside. And my initiation fee was expensive, so I’d rather not sign up all over again starting November. If I pause it for a $20 fee, I will save myself $150 from May to October. Could be worth it. But then again I do like the cycling classes. Hmm this may call for a pro/con list!

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