Extra Moola

One of my yearly goals is to make an extra $80 per month. I always budget according to the income I am guaranteed from my salary, so extra money in the bank is always a wonderful surprise. I went through my budgets from this year and realized that my babysitting jobs have been really beneficial! It’s amazing to me how just $100 makes a difference in boosting savings, dumping debt, or just adding a cushion to the budget.

Babysitting Money:
Jan: $75
Feb: $125
March: $225
April: $150

I’ve made $575 this year, not including tax refunds, interest, or monetary gifts.

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  • I earn money on my blogs. I have two of them:

    – eJabs.com &
    – DebtFreeAdventure.com

    Right now I am earning around $50 a month on them. I have a goal set to turn this into a full-time income by the end of 2010, so I will be busy building them up for the next 20 months!

    I also do website/computer/network work on the side. I am an IT Manager but have experience doing all of these things in my past, and still make a little money on the side doing each.

    Congrats on your side income, keep it growing!

  • I sell books on Amazon and fill out surveys to supplement my income. If you want a referall link for the surveys, shoot me an email and I’ll send you one. Thanks!

  • **UPDATE**

    I also have an Astore on Debt Free Adventure where I sell my Amazon affiliate products. Right now it is mostly books geared toward personal finance.

    I have only made a few dollars with this as of now, but trust this income will grow as the popularity & traffic on DFA grow.


  • WordPress allows ads, but not the usual kinds, like Adsense or links to Cashcrate, etc.

    I think The Simple Dollar had a post on making extra money recently – he had stuff like making crafts, pet-sitting, and tutoring on there. Might be worth checking it out.

  • I am making extra moolah by blogging :), working in a church nursery once a week, and working in gym part-time.

    I also sell things on Amazon.com, Craig’s List and at yard sales.

    Every little bit helps! :)

  • you should check out onsugar’s blog publishing platform and their shopstyle money making platform. You basically post links w/ pics to items in their store (for instance, you can highlight the top 10 items on sale.) Everytime someone clicks you get 5 to 10 cents. That’s not much but it adds up. I’ve made $34 so far. If I spent any time actually trying to get people to my blogs I could make more.

  • I advertise for 2 websites in the form of a text link, and that seems to be allowed (Well-Heeled also does this). I make a pittance, but for a blog I was going to keep anyway, it’s not bad. The only problem with these is that the companies have to come to you first. I’ve only been accepting things that I don’t have an ethical problem with (i.e. no payday lenders), but the ethically/morally questionable ones do pay more. ;-)