Lent's Benefits

targetMy job is very close to a Target. Since I gave up shopping for Lent, it was a challenge to go there on my lunch break in the past two months. I still went occasionally for friends’ gifts or to grab household items… but every so often I would venture into the clothes section.

I like buying workout clothes because it gives me extra motivation to exercise. I saw a top for $16.99 a few months ago that was pink and adorable. But! I didn’t want to cheat, so I didn’t get it.

Then another time I went and saw that the price was reduced to $11.89. Gah! I wanted it so bad and they only had a few left in my size. I actually held it the rest of my shopping trip and only put it down at the last minute. I wasn’t allowed to buy clothes! If it was still there afterwards, then I could get it.

So yesterday, I went to Target for the first time since Easter. I called J on the way over to chat because I knew he didn’t have class. I told him I was going and that I was so excited to buy clothes or shoes or jewelry or whatever I wanted! He said that I should only spend $5. Ha! That’s cute. Yeah, okay.

Well, I went to the active/workout area and there it was: my pretty, pink, size small, duo-dry, yoga tank top for $4.30!

I was so excited. :)

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  • That’s awesome! I always carry stuff around in my cart with me at Target and then take it out at the last moment. For some reason, having it in my cart or basket makes me think more about whether or not I want it as I walk around the store. Typically by the time I leave the store I’ve pulled out half of the things I’ve put in my basket. (This is also why I don’t shop in a hurry, not enough time to properly mull over my purchases).

  • I love when holding out benefits you in the future. Target has great sales on their workout clothes. I got a great sports bra for $4. It is now my favorite one, and I think that may have to do with the price. =)