Getting Cable and Failing Diets

Ever since I started budgeting, I always look for how I can cut corners and save a little cash. A and I decided not to have cable this past year and just kept up with shows online. Plus we have a lot of TV DVDs and have gone through many series since living here (Gilmore Girls, Friends, The Office, How I Met Your Mother… what can I say? It was a cold winter).

My new roommate “D” wants cable. Now while I love a cheesy ABC Family movie or keeping up with the latest meals on the Food Network, I just don’t want that extra expense! Especially in the summer, since I feel guilty watching TV on pretty days.

I was silently kicking and screaming about getting it, but decided I should at least look. I asked J to help (my trusty techy-bargain-hunter), and it’s only going to cost $30 per month, which we would split three-ways until A moves out. I thought that was all right for just the standard 80-some channel package.

Weekend Budget:
I’m going to a Nationals game tonight ($15 ticket), and will budget $30 for food, beer, metro. I hope to spend less than that, but they charge you out the wazoo, so I’ll be prepared. Saturday I am going yard saling for a dresser and hope to find something nice under $50. The rest of the weekend I think I’ll

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  • So, $30/month is a good price for 80 channels. That is what I pay, and most of my co-workers are jealous that I was able to get it for that low. Fair warning though: it is hard to go back once you have it. I went without cable for 9 years in San Diego, just watching tv on the internet or DVDs or just watching movies. And now that I have cable I don’t want to drop it, even though I would LOVE to save the $30/month. For some reason, it seems so hard to quit now that I have the luxury or turning on the tv and getting clear reception and tons of variety of shows.

    As for the Nationals: GO ADAM DUNN!
    **I may or may not have an enormous crush on him, so I’m sending you good vibes to give to him. Here’s hoping he hits a homer.**

  • The decision to get cable when one roommate wants it, and another doesn’t, is tough. I remember having this conversation once, and it put me in a weird place. If my roommate ordered it, sure, I would end up watching a few things on it. But I didn’t want to pay for it, because it wasn’t something I needed. I didn’t want her pushing me into paying for something every month that I wouldn’t have bought at all if it weren’t for her.

    (I didn’t end up living with her long enough for it to matter, but it was a tough conversation at the time.)