Playing Catch-Up

I am having that kind of Monday after a lovely, sunny, money-spent weekend. I have so many receipts to sort through, but the gross weather has made me a bit apathetic at the moment.ballpark

It was a great weekend and I’m glad I was in town for a change. Friday I went to a Nationals game with some friends. Always a good time. I mean we lost, but baseball games are usually so slow that I don’t get emotionally attached. Plus you’ve got $7.50 beers and delish hot dogs to occupy your time. So fun. I get to check it off my list of Warm Weather Goals. Score! Saturday I went to Georgetown and had a field day wandering up and down M Street. I bought a shirt, a dress, a sushi lunch, and an afternoon latte. (I might end up taking the sundress back. It’s a little see-through and I thought about using a slip, but I don’t know if it’s worth the $30 I paid for it.) Saturday night A and I ordered a pizza for our evening of rearranging the apartment, watching Gilmore Girls episodes, and laughing over a bottle of wine.

I’ll get my budget caught up soon. In the meantime, anyone else feel this laggy, draggy feeling today? Maybe it’s just me.

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